• Tamika Auwai

    Your Spirit Meets Strategy Success Mentor

  • Hey Beautiful! I'm Tamika.

    Some people hustle and push their way to success but creating the business of your dreams shouldn't squeeze the bliss from your day to day life.

    I’m a master at helping people get to the heart of what they truly want in their business and life and then helping them to map out a simple, pleasure-filled action plan to get there that feels good and manifests stellar results. Along with being an entrepreneur, a sassy Leo, and a self care junkie, I’m also a Certified Angel Card Reader, wife and a mama to two. This means my life is always filled with great questions and lots play so I’ve got a riddle for you.

    Ever hear about the one about the marketer who was brilliant at channelling copy and campaigns for her clients but secretly struggled to trust her intuition, step into her Feminine power and create steady income in her own business?

    That was my story until I couldn’t take it anymore.

    I decided I wanted something different and through A LOT of inner work and healing, I realized that I had the power to choose another way of being and another way of doing business. A way that fully embraces and leverages my intuition, spiritual beliefs, natural gifts and strategic know-how. A way that feels free and fun and makes marketing feel totally energizing and of high service.

    Now that I’ve unlocked the secret to aligning spirit with marketing strategy to build a business steeped with fulfillment and financial abundance, I’m deeply passionate about teaching and mentoring other spirit-led entrepreneurs to do the same.


  • Ways To Work Together

    I do not believe in one size fits all marketing. That’s why I offer 2 different paths for us to partner together and so that you can choose what feels right. In each path you are guided to your personalized, aligned-to-spirit action plan for calling in a steady stream of kindred clients and flowing, abundant income.

    Path 1: Spirit Meets Strategy Private Planning Retreats

    Map out the simplest, most effective, soul-aligned plan to manifest the business goals you desire fast in a private full day or half day planning retreat with Tamika.

    Here we partner together in a virtual or in person sacred space to channel a customized roadmap to manifest your current Desire (like a high five figure launch, a full roster of platinum clients, a high end mastermind or a sold out event) in a way that feels do-able and blissfully aligned. With our party hats on we’ll focus on setting you up to create tons of momentum in a very short time with a simple, soul-aligned strategy and a pleasure-rich action plan so that you're all revved up to implement as soon as we complete.

    Path 2: Spirit Meets Strategy Online Courses + Workshops

    Learn to master the art of growing your business with ease, grace and exceptional results in an upcoming course or workshop.

    We both know your plan won't work unless you do so I offer several workshops and online courses designed to help you grow your business in a way that feels GOOD so that you'll actually "do the work" and manifest massive results. I don't teach cookie cutter strategies or textbook information. All my programs, courses and workshops are immersive experiences that will change your business forever.

  • The best way to predict the future is to create it.

  • What My Kindred Clients Say

    Kylie Martin & Jonathan Bluks

    Personal Stylists & Image Consultants at KYJO Style

    “When we first met Tamika, her warmth and genuine spirit attracted us to her right away and we knew we wanted to work with her. Her 90 day coaching program was a perfect fit for the stage we were at as new business owners looking to find new ways to attract clients. Having Tamika in our corner was invaluable and we felt encouraged and had the strength to move forward after every session with her. Tamika truly cared about us and our success. As a result of working with Tamika, we’ve now increased our fees, have a steady stream of clients and are giving workshops regularly which is further expanding our network and opportunities. We recommend Tamika to anyone who is looking for support from someone with a big heart and the insight needed to take their business to the next level. We can’t wait to work with her again!”

    Carol Starr Taylor

    Author, Speaker and Founder of The Travelling Sisterhood

    The day of strategizing, goal setting, and spirit-led planning new not only empowered me but allowed me to focus on what's important for me and my business. The results so far have been amazing! I have grown my business in a few short weeks and thinking BIG with Tamika catapulted me to the next level. If you want to change your business, yourself and your life, Tamika is so outstanding to work with. The principals have stayed with me and for that I am forever grateful!

    Michele Hanson O'Reggio

    Conscious Business Leverage Expert


    Tamika you are a bold soul and I LOVE that you hold that space for those you serve! During our session I felt that your guidance was truly in sync with my Truth. I even got goosebumps! Thank you, thank you!

    Neil Goldhar

    Synchronicity Guide & Law of Attraction Coach

    Tamika’s insights, guidance and strategies bring an incredible showering of light to the issues I'm facing. I have found when I'm lost in the dark looking for inspiration Tamika is able to quickly to lift me up. I thoroughly enjoy how she brings inner game strategies and outer game strategies to move me forward.